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The “obozo lovers” and left wing loonies at MSNBC have canned Buchanan.  MSNBC’s ratings are lowest of any cable news channel and have been for a long time.  You (msnbc) were in the toilet and you have now flushed yourself into the bowels of the sewer! 

They suspend Buchanan and continue to let little Chrissy “tingle up my leg” Matthews spew his vile hatred across the airwaves … really MSNBC, you are disgusting.  Of course, I gave up watching this liberal looney station years ago.

“An activist group whose leaders object to the beliefs of Pat Buchanan, a senior adviser to three American presidents, a candidate for the Republican nomination in 1992 and 1996, and the Reform Party’s presidential candidate in 2000, is announcing victory in its campaign to have the author of multiple best-selling books removed from MSNBC.

“ welcomes MSNBC’s decision to indefinitely supend (sic) Pat Buchanan,” Executive Director Rashad Robinson posted in an online statement.”

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