Imus Rips Chris “tingle” Matthews for Attacking Mark Levin

Posted by "the wee-weed up guru" | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 13-01-2011



Little Chrissy Tingle really dumped on Mark Levin and Michael Savage the other night.  I love both Levin and Savage.  How does “MSLSD” continue to stay on the airwaves?  Matthews and Olberpuke need to be flushed down the toilet … because that is exactly where their rating are located.

I think “Mr. Tingle up the Leg” is very jealous of Levin and Savage ….. they both have an enormous following.  They both will tell the truth … not a pack of lies like the hosts of all the programs on “MSLSD”.

Shut up Matthews  ….. Levin & Savage did not cause the Tucson Massacre … neither did Palin, Beck or Fox News.  None of these people spew hate … you, Chrissy, are a vile, evil hate-monger!

Hate-Monger: A person who uses political beliefs or passions of any kind as a platform to express their hatred for another individual

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