Memorial Service/BHO Pep Rally

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This Memorial was nothing more than a “pep rally” for BHO and the demon Dems.  How low can these leftist loonies stoop?  T-shirts?  Cheering, whooping, hollering?  I fully expected to see a cheerleading squad to be brought out when they introduced BO.  Yes, the screaming University kids went wild when the “demon rose from the bowels of hell” to take center stage.  People wanting their photo taken with the “devil himself”.  Talk about liberal lefty loonie-tunes …. that is what we saw last night.

I always thought that a Memorial Service atmosphere was quiet and respectful … a time to remember the dead.  In this case, six (6) people that were murdered by a pot-smoking, mentally unbalanced madman. Instead we heard cheering and yelling when Nappy Jan and Holder were reading from the Bible.  Huh?  Why were these two bumbling idiots reading from the Bible?  That was totally laughable.  We also heard “boos” from the University kids when the Gov of Arizona, Jan Brewer, was introduced.  Brewer was the only person that sounded like she was at an actual Memorial.  In other words, folks, this whole Memorial Service was nothing but a “pep rally” kick-off for BO’s 2012 campaign.  The New York “Slime” has said that this was his “comeback speech”.  Disgusting!  The Dems have taken a terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of six (6) innocent people, including a beautiful little nine year old girl, and turned it into a platform for their (left loons) political agenda.  If I was a parent of that child, I would ask BO to NEVER speak my daughters name again.

The Indian holding a feather?  What the hell was that about.  “Things that slither above the ground, Things that slither below the ground”?  What did that have to do with the murder of six (6) people?  He was the strangest person that I’ve ever seen or heard.

The whole farce was extremely shameful.  It’s really too bad that the Democrats couldn’t find it in their hearts to have some respect for the victims and their families.

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