Matthews Wants Viewers

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MSNBC is so low in the ratings that little Chrissy “tingle” Matthews is now begging the public to watch their coverage of Obozo’s state of the union speech.  Pretty pathetic in my opinion. 

You get a lot of context when you watch MSNBC … huh?  You get a lot of lies and biased opinions from all of the clowns on that network.

Who would give up O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity and Greta to watch a bunch of bottom-feeders spin the truth into lies?

MSNBC should take the same road as Air America …. GONE



Godfrey Bloom on Global Warming SCAM

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Why can’t someone in the US government stand up and say this?  Because they are a bunch of “weenies”?  Because they don’t want to hurt Al “oinker” Gore’s feelings?

I think Mr. Bloom says it all in this short statement ….. he is right-on!!!  I so love this guy!  I laughed till I cried when I heard this on Mark Levin’s radio show.

“Massachusetts Miracle”

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